About The Herbal Hare Tomestead and Animal Sanctuary

“A Homestead Built on Faith.”

Sanctuary – Will focus primarily on small livestock and pets that are being relinquished due to zoning regulation issues, foreclosure, or eviction.

Tomestead – A different sort of “rescue” or sanctuary, one that keeps used books out of the landfills. The bulk of the books will be from donations. Patrons will have the option of in-store credit (20% off purchase) or a check for 20% of estimated resale price. Campus will consist of re-purposed sheds, RVs, trailers and/or mobile concession booths. Each upcycled building will host a different genre, or subject(s) and be themed accordingly. Additional outbuildings will host various natural fiber, herbal and apian products produced on-site and throughout the local community. Topography will include a 9000 square foot heirloom herb garden where walks and talks will be hosted; a petting zoo featuring some of the rescued animals at the sanctuary, and a cafe featuring menu items that would have been popular in the 19th century. Proceeds from sales will be re-invested into the business, as well as providing for the care of the animals.

The Herbal Hare – In addition to the rescues, the farm side of the campus will host various fiber-producing animals, such as sheep, goats, alpacas, and rabbits. Spinning, weaving and dyeing demonstrations, herbal workshops, and “bee” school are future offerings. Fibers will eventually expand to include basket weaving, chair caning, and straw hat making, possibly sericulture (silkworms). Herb store will eventually be expanded to include a couple of greenhouses for growing heat-loving spices, such as cardamom and turmeric; mushrooms; microgreens, and sprouts.

Planned fiber products – primarily yarns and some woven products to start.  Straw hats, baskets, silks and linen in future.

Planned apian products – honey, beeswax, candles

Herbal products – seeds; dried and fresh herbs; young plants; skin care products; scent mixes and tea blends

All facilities will be zero-waste.  Reusable bags, boxes, upcycled Mason jars will be available for patrons.  We will also seek out compostable wraps, containers and utensils for our envisioned cafe. Compost will be re-purposed in the herb garden and future greenhouses.

Where is this wonderful place?  For now, it’s only on the drawing board as I work to make it a reality.

PS If you have visited this site on previous occasions, you may already know this. For newcomers, what expertise do I bring to this endeavor? Besides being a writer, I am a certified herbalist who worked at living history museums for many years, both as a volunteer and as paid staff, where I learned spinning, weaving and caring for natural fibers, and straw braiding for the making of hats. I am also a Master Gardener with the University of Connecticut, and a library director. I have been rescuing (and being rescued by) and giving sanctuary to unwanted animals for much of my adult life–over 35 years!

6 thoughts on “About The Herbal Hare Tomestead and Animal Sanctuary”

  1. Thank you for the “Like”. I thought I’d mosey over to check out your ‘stuff’ too……wow….love your writing! It reminds me of my ‘younger days’ when I was very much into herbs and vegetarianism and even had my own business making soaps, etc. I know I will enjoy slowly perusing your archives. 🙂

    1. Hello, Teresa, I loved what I read on your blog, too, and am now following. I would love to have my own business making soaps and lotions and such. Of course, I have to learn how to make soaps and lotions (lol!) but I practically swoon over the homemade soap booths at craft shows. =) Thank you for liking and following my blog! The feeling’s mutual. =)

      1. I just now found this Lisa…..sorry for the delayed response ! It was indeed a true labor of love…..not very lucrative because my talents do not necessarily lie in the business end of things but it was a great experience that taught me a lot about a lot of things. I too “swoon” over those handmade soap booths myself, lol. So nice to make a “connection” here with you 😊

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